Limited Companies

Every limited company is required to complete a 'CT600' – the limited company equivalent of a personal tax return. Completing a company’s CT600 must now be done electronically, either online on HMRC’s website, or via third-party software, so most company directors choose to hand this tedious and complicated task over to their accountant. We have invested in Sage software specifically to prepare and submit CT600’s to HMRC, simplifying this sometimes difficult task, minimising the cost of preparing your CT600 and also ensuring its accuracy.

Limited companies are also legally required to submit annual year-end accounts to both Companies House and HMRC. By letting us produce your limited company year-end accounts, we can save you money, as well as ensuring that your accounts are accurate and reconciled before they’re submitted.


  • Because we have invested in Sage software to prepare and submit year-end accounts, we are likely to be less expensive than your current accountants.
  • By having your year-end accounts prepared by us, you can be confident that your accounts will be submitted to Companies House and HMRC on time, avoiding any late-filing penalties.
  • If we have also provided your bookkeeping services and produced your VAT returns throughout the year, we will be familiar with your business, and the accounts will have been reconciled by us throughout the year, reducing the cost of us producing your year-end accounts still further.


  • We will still go through your whole year's bookkeeping and your VAT returns even if we haven’t provided your bookkeeping services and produced your VAT returns, to ensure that these are correctly reconciled before we file your year-end accounts with HMRC and Companies House.

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